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From 2013 I’ve being professionally involved in dozens of projects across three continents developing products for companies, artists, athletes, agencies etc... that were looking for a more alternative and original audio and video communication for their brands.
There's no need to say that never like now the image that any kind of brand has on the web is fundamental for a successful business, and today audiovisual communication is the best tool to reach this result.
I personally developed and specialised in four different video format that mix different audio and video techniques I mastered thanks to a lifetime into the world of digital production.​​​​​​​
Visual and conceptual, brave and perfect for a brand with a strong personality. Various artistic elements like surrealism, minimalism, cinéma verité, noir etc… Create a very elegant and stylish product. A great way to promote anything that has a tasteful audience.
VIEW: vimeo.com/channels/1405705​​​​​​​
A mix of interviews, narrative, cinematography, motion and graphic design to build a new way to tell stories and brake the routine of the “classic” documentary format. Special stories need a special way to tell them. It’s not only what we say… but how we say that makes the difference.
Being able to impress the audience in a short time is fundamental in the social media era. Mixing motion graphic, photography, powerful editing with a custom made sound design/soundtrack in order to create a intense audio / video / graphic short experience. Particularly good to drive audience into the main content.
Lyrics have always been for me a very important part of music and this is the reason I developed this style that incorporate them as a graphic/aesthetic element and not just as an caption. Music, graphic and the video itself work together each other delivering a powerful and different experience for the audience.