The Forest Frame

While listening to a Spotify‘s playlist of classical music I realised for the first time how such a wonderful composition is La Pavane by Gabriel Fauré is. I had a vision in my mind about a video and I immediately drew a story board for an animation short film.


What the song was suggesting me was a beautiful image of nature. After I finished a first version of the animation I knew something was missing, some kind of final twist that can give a deeper meaning of the whole concept.

The Forest Frame 5

I was very impressed on how this song in just few minutes can have such a great story telling. In the end in just a couple of measures all the positive, hopefully and romantic mood change into something sad, depressed and distant.

The Forest Frame 1

The message I try to communicate to the audience is about the relationship between man and nature,(a topic that is very actual nowadays just thinking about the global warming problem). The idea that sometimes we think about disasters only if it involve humans. Sometimes seems that if no one is there to see a problem, that problem doesn’t exist…

The Forest Frame 4

I wanted to represent a different scenario made of details, a scenario about a big catastrophic event, a different point of view about. An extremely dramatic event perpetuated by humans, where nature is just an armless victim. A situation where a perfect balanced environment that took ages to develop, is destroyed in just a moment by an external uncontrollable force generated by mankind.



Laurel Animarte 2017

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