Virus Frame

It all started with a repetitive big lead distorted synth sound (that you can hear on the beginning of the song) I created on a VST. Like a biohazard alarm that metaphorically can represent to the listener a virus that replicate itself. The concept of replication is important in the whole idea of the video.

I’ve always thought that a good riff is the key for a good rock song and this is what I tried to do for this tune.

What I wanted to create from the beginning was a rock/metal song that have a dancing and hypnotic theme, very powerful but not extreme. I love to mix synths and distorted guitars in order to create a sound that can’t be achieved by only one instrument.

Virus Frame 3

The vocals are Hard-Rock, but not in an extreme way. Push and compress vocals to the edge without distortion is something that I love to do to give more power to the song. The lyrics are a self speech with the inner side of ourself. A very cynical and in some way angry vision of reality.

Virus Frame 6

When it comes to music videography I think connect the editing to the rhythm of the music is an aspect that I love. The constant blinking (following thee different beats of the song to don’t annoy the viewer and keep dynamics) gives to the audience chance to read the lyrics that clearly are a reference to the masterpiece of John CarpenterThey Live”.

Virus Frame 5

The other elements of the video are a retro vintage public domain video from american department of sanity in the ‘50s and an animation of what can be see like sperm with an audio waveform as tail. Three different reading keys that all brings to the same question… Are we human being some kind of Virus?

Virus Frame 4

Virus Frame Sperms

“VIRUS” is the first single of the Music and Video project “The Director’s Cuts“. Music by Peter Pahor and Lyrics by Jon Hartz Wild.

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