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One of the historical period that has always been very fascinating for me is the Cold War. For over four decades from end of World War II to the fall of Berlin wallUnited States and Soviet Union have been in a situation of high tension. Both sides of the world started to build a nuclear arsenal to put fear in the other, keeping all the world breathless and scared of a possible atomic war. The only thing that saved the world from a possible end has been the risk of the fallout.

The concept for this song came to my mind while I was looking for public domain footage on the web and I find a speech from former United States President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The situation of tension generated by the Cold War is clear and listened by now it seems almost impossible what he is saying.

Another inspiration for this work came to my mind when, again looking for public domain footage, I found a video tutorial from the sixties on how to build a fallout shelter.  This is another proof on how the Cold War affected the life of the people in that era. Everything in that video was awkward and so distant by what we live nowadays… But the reality is that was only 50 years ago.

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To express all this interesting concepts I decided to write a song that has to be very dynamic with a style that is connected and in someway a “continuation” of another previously work of The Director’s Cuts: Virus.

The song is a mix of Hard-Rock and Industrial with a slightly different structure than the usual (especially with the vocals). Writing songs and in the same time thinking about the video is a very creative way to work and gives me much more freedom to realise the vision that I have in my mind. A big inspiration on how to develop this tune came from a very simple synth I found in Logic Pro X (yeah after you spend thousands of dollars for expensive plug-ins and VST you end up using Logic basic synths LOL) that emulate an electric guitar (you can listen on the beginning). I loved from the first listening this sound that guided me in the composition process.

When Jon showed me the first vocal draft, I was very happy that he understood totally the vision I had in my mind. A lot of reference, metaphors and hide meanings that give to the audience a message that doesn’t want to be a lesson but just a different point of view on a topic.

The video has been shot totally on green screen together by using various public domain footage and some motion graphic design.  The target element is very strong on the song and is important for the overall concept. In some way it reminds to the audience a “Video Game” scenario that is an interesting concept together with the general concept of the song.

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I love the retrò style in the sixties so for the video the choice has been easy for what concerne the overall final look and color correction. A television disturb with a old tv frame do the job in a perfect way.

A special mention in this work has to go on the graphic element of the world map. The concept of using a shape generated by the nature (the various countries and continents) as an ornament Is something for me very interesting.

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“STATIC” is the third single of the Music and Video project “The Director’s Cuts“. Music by Peter Pahor and Lyrics by Jon Hartz Wild.

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