Naked Frame

When I wrote the music for this song my goal was to create an alternative ballad that mix elements of industrial, cinematic soundtrack and rock.

The music progression is simple but the chords are played with notes on different octaves than the usual standard. This to try to give to the chords a different taste that better fits into the concept of the track.

The sounds are very industrial, created by epic cinematic percussions, big pads, sequenced synths and effected pianos.

When Jon first listened the song he immediately wanted to write lyrics for it. He did a first draft in few days and when he sang it to me the first time I understood that we were on the same page. His hard rock approach to vocals gives the kind of struggle and drama that the song needs.

I’ve always been fascinated by empty rooms in old houses. An empty room has some kind of sadness and many stories to tell. An empty room has only its shape and nothing else to define it… You can see that is ruined by the time and by what happen inside. Is waiting to be “dressed” by stuff that people will bring in it. An empty room is Naked. The isolation, the distance, the light coming from the window, the bed and the color white are the tools used in the video to tell a story about a loneliness and sadness.

Naked Frame 1

Sito PP Naked 2

The voice-over argument of relationship that is ending. A relationship where the lack of communication generate a problem that can’t be solved. Both sides try to express their feeling without really try to see what the other sees.

The music, the video and the voice over are there different paths that go in parallel one each other to the same direction.

Naked Frame 3

“NAKED” is the second single of the Music and Video project “The Director’s Cuts“. Starring London based model Whitney Alyson Ribbins and at the Voice over London based actor Ed Pinker.

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