Starbynary Frame Trailer

When Joe, the lead singer of “Starbynary” introduced me to the concept of the new album I understood that this work was something I can absolutely get along with. From when I first read the “Divina Commedia” at high school I always been fascinated by the first book “Inferno“.

The journey of Dante Alighieri with his guide Virgilio into the hell has always been for me an amazing tale. This story has so many aspects that are scary and at the same time interesting… It describe very well the period of Middle Ages when it was wrote. “The Dark Age” of European history as many historical scholars refer to it. Made of fear, ignorance and premature death.

Starbynary Frame 1

My first idea for this serie of trailers about the new album of the band “Divina Commedia – Inferno” was to mix motion graphic design and graphic effects with old graphics from that era (that are public domain and free to use) I always loved the work of “William Blake“. Blake did various illustrations for Dante’s Divine Comedy in the ‘800 so what a great chance to be able to incorporate in one of my work some of his amazing artworks.

Blake William Divine Commedy

Another concept that I always loved about the Divina Commedia is how dante designed his version of hell… He created various circles based on the gravity of the sin.

Dante's Inferno

After this study I decided to use this two concept together with various graphic effects like fires and ashes and other reference to the Inferno novel. I wanted to give to this videos a story line to the whole trailer and not just a “normal spot”.

Starbynary Frame 2

The music for the first trailer (down here) has been provided by the professional pianist and keyboardist “Luigi Accardo” while the other soundtrack is a mix of some of the songs of the album.

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