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DIG is a Los Angeles based company that offers different services into the beauty and film industry. Founded by the energetic make-up artist Emily Vieira, DIG focus to be not only a company but a mission and a life style.

DIG concept roots are into the personal story of the founder Emily Vieira. Emily’s life has been full of dramatic moments, depression, anxieties and many other painful situation. In 2014 after the separation with her husband she fell in a deep depression. Emily decided to react, to face her fears and to expose herself in order to help people that like her have being going throught this kind of problems. So Emily founded DIG, a tool that allows the “DIG artists” to get into the world of make-up and at the same time find a new self love and a way to face fears and depression. DIG is a safe place to find new inner peace.

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Emily had in her mind an idea very interesting and wanted me to start from that point. The crashing of a mirror. This object can be seen like an obstacle, a challenge, a sort of enemy for women that try to externalise their inner-self beauty. I loved the idea to incorporate this object into the film, but I wanted something more.

The idea of rebirth and redemption has always been very important in my work. I think everyone need to have a  chance to make a new start. Coming from bad past experiences is many times a mark on the lives of many persons that they carry in everyday life. I think the cinematography has to express a story connected with all the other aspects of the film.

The film starts with a woman in a fetal position under a light coming from the top. She has no makeup, she is  naked and sweaty. The light coming from the top illuminate herself and she looks at it. The light has a strong metaphorical meaning here. It’s something that she looks at from far and from a position of inferiority.

After laying down under the light she face stands and face a black mirror. After few moments studying it and a moment of desperation she reacts and crash it. From her reflection in the fallen pieces of the mirror on the ground she will find a new herself, clean, dressed and with a makeup.

A new identity stronger that doesn’t look anymore at the light on top of her but forward.

The music used was made by mixing together different layers of  textured synths cinematic pads. This generated a huge sound on the back that brings the audience into the mood of the video. An aspect of the sound design that I like is to use the silence to describe situation that usually are very noisy. The crashing with the mirrors is an example of this.

From the beginning the idea was to use voiceovers but after a brainstorm with the DIG team we came up with the idea of using real voice messages left by Emily’s family and friends during the tragic events of her life. This gives to the film a very personal and powerful message for DIG.

Being able to use real situation made not by actors is always a way to bring even more pathos and emotions to the film.

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