Transmission Club

The “Club Transmission” is a new full service Night Club featuring weekly & rotating events in Jersey City (New Jersey). The club feature Local artists, DJ’s & Musicians and many other kind of events. As a new club Transmission needs contents that can be used to develop an image on the web.

Create videos for Socials Network means that is important to be able to transmit many concept in a very short time. Working as editor and composer for videos is something that I really like because I can have almost full control of the final product. Editing and music are two faces of the same coin and if they work well, they help to give a lot of energy and impact one to each other.

Transmission Logo

The first video you can see at the top of this post has been realised for the new year evening party. The video has been realised using stock footage from shutterstock, a website that sells royalty free footage that can be used in a commercial way. I personally selected the videos from the website, edited and created the music.

The concept of “Transmission” is very interesting and I wanted to emphasise it by alternate a slow-motion dancer in front of a fog machine with various scenes (like an interference) that describe the kind of event that the NYE will be at the club. The music I composed and produced for this clip is a mix of electronic percussions and mid tempo ambient synths to give the pathos that the new year night has. To give more power to the whole video and concept I used the hi-hats of the percussions as a guide to the video flickering. The style at the beginning it’s a clear reference to the theatrical movie trailers where only a small part of the entire scene can be seen by the audience generating interest to discover it complete after the first moments.

The second video is about one of the most important events of the club “The Silent Night”. An event where people wear headphones and can switch to 3 different DJ

The video starts with a scene into the darkness of the club where the people can see only the headphones that are like floating into the dance floor. I loved this scene so I decided to start with it and put a frequency filter on the beginning of the music that gets opened while the titles are displayed. After this intro where the audience don’t really understand what’s happening the music start and the scenes into the club with more light describe better the kind of event.

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