DIG is a Los Angeles based company that offers different services into the beauty and film industry. Founded by the energetic make-up artist Emily Vieira, DIG focus to be not only a company but a mission and a life style.

DIG concept roots are into the personal story of the founder Emily Vieira. Emily’s life has been full of dramatic moments, depression, anxieties and many other painful situation. In 2014 after the separation with her husband she fell in a deep depression. Emily decided to react, to face her … CONTINUE READING


The “Club Transmission” is a new full service Night Club featuring weekly & rotating events in Jersey City (New Jersey). The club feature Local artists, DJ’s & Musicians and many other kind of events. As a new club Transmission needs contents that can be used to develop an image on the web.

Create videos for Socials Network means that is important to be able to transmit many concept in a very short time. Working as editor and composer for videos is something that I really like because I … CONTINUE READING


When Joe, the lead singer of “Starbynary” introduced me to the concept of the new album I understood that this work was something I can absolutely get along with. From when I first read the “Divina Commedia” at high school I always been fascinated by the first book “Inferno“.

The journey of Dante Alighieri with his guide Virgilio into the hell has always been for me an amazing tale. This story has so many aspects that are scary and at the same time interesting… … CONTINUE READING