A new drug called Glem allows users to forget bad memories. The world is divided between the people who think this drug should be legalized to help people stop feeling pain, while the other believe that bad memories are important and because of them we are who we are.

The movie tells the connected stories of Robert Clark (Dave Bailey), a sad lonely man who uses this drug to forget how hard his life is, and two police officers John (Gian Shaw) and Jake (Adrian Rashad Driscoll) that are investigating … CONTINUE READING


I think is important to find the time to work to fun and low budget and profile projects. This help to keep contact with reality,  develop creativity, stay in touch with friends and remember your origins in order to don’t risk to become a pretentious #@shole at the first glance of success… (very common thing in the creative field)

It all started when I discovered this abandoned factory. The first time I visited the inside it left me speechless. Every part of this big abandoned complex of warehouses was giving … CONTINUE READING


A man verbally and physically abuses his girlfriend and she is unable to leave him because of her strong feelings of love for him. Someone will try to convince her that is not true love.

“LOVE” written and directed by PETER PAHOR. produced by GIAN SHAW AND PETER PAHOR. co-produced BY DAVID HERNANDEZ. photography by PETER PAHOR. sound and video editing by PETER PAHOR. starring: GIAN SHAW, ASHLEY LOUISA KARP AND PHIL HARTMAN. make up by TAYLOR GUARDIOLA. first assistant director DAVE BAILEY. production assistant JORDAN GILLEECE. credits music “NAKED” … CONTINUE READING