DIG is a Los Angeles based company that offers different services into the beauty and film industry. Founded by the energetic make-up artist Emily Vieira, DIG focus to be not only a company but a mission and a life style.

DIG concept roots are into the personal story of the founder Emily Vieira. Emily’s life has been full of dramatic moments, depression, anxieties and many other painful situation. In 2014 after the separation with her husband she fell in a deep depression. Emily decided to react, to face her … CONTINUE READING


While listening to a Spotify‘s playlist of classical music I realised for the first time how such a wonderful composition is La Pavane by Gabriel Fauré is. I had a vision in my mind about a video and I immediately drew a story board for an animation short film.


What the song was suggesting me was a beautiful image of nature. After I finished a first version of the animation I knew something was missing, some kind of final twist that can give a deeper meaning of the … CONTINUE READING


I’ve always been fascinated on how many different similarities are present between food and sex. Booth are human basic needing, booth are based on put something inside the body (for women) and above all both have a feeling of rejection once accomplished (for men).

Another interesting aspect of food and sex is the concept of breakfast. In the morning when we wake up we feel a needing of feed ourselves and at the same time is for many person the horniest moment of the day. Another interesting aspect of … CONTINUE READING