I’ve always been fascinated on how many different similarities are present between food and sex. Booth are human basic needing, booth are based on put something inside the body (for women) and above all both have a feeling of rejection once accomplished (for men).

Another interesting aspect of food and sex is the concept of breakfast. In the morning when we wake up we feel a needing of feed ourselves and at the same time is for many person the horniest moment of the day. Another interesting aspect of … CONTINUE READING


The Skylab is a one man musical project creating music that can be described more or less as a mix of extreme metal, industrial metal and soundtrack. The main thematics of the music are about the technology, future, sadness, loneliness, distance… The sounds used into the music is made by extreme distorted guitars and many layers of synths like pads and sequencers with a lot of effects on them.

Artificial is the title track of the debut album. Is a song with various changes and with an epic … CONTINUE READING