One of the historical period that has always been very fascinating for me is the Cold War. For over four decades from end of World War II to the fall of Berlin wallUnited States and Soviet Union have been in a situation of high tension. Both sides of the world started to build a nuclear arsenal to put fear in the other, keeping all the world breathless and scared of a possible atomic war. The only thing that saved the world from a possible end has been … CONTINUE READING


When I wrote the music for this song my goal was to create an alternative ballad that mix elements of industrial, cinematic soundtrack and rock.

The music progression is simple but the chords are played with notes on different octaves than the usual standard. This to try to give to the chords a different taste that better fits into the concept of the track.

The sounds are very industrial, created by epic cinematic percussions, big pads, sequenced synths and effected pianos.

When Jon first listened the song he immediately wanted … CONTINUE READING


It all started with a repetitive big lead distorted synth sound (that you can hear on the beginning of the song) I created on a VST. Like a biohazard alarm that metaphorically can represent to the listener a virus that replicate itself. The concept of replication is important in the whole idea of the video.

I’ve always thought that a good riff is the key for a good rock song and this is what I tried to do for this tune.

What I wanted to create from the beginning … CONTINUE READING