Breakfast Frame

I’ve always been fascinated on how many different similarities are present between food and sex. Booth are human basic needing, booth are based on put something inside the body (for women) and above all both have a feeling of rejection once accomplished (for men).

Another interesting aspect of food and sex is the concept of breakfast. In the morning when we wake up we feel a needing of feed ourselves and at the same time is for many person the horniest moment of the day. Another interesting aspect of the thematic around food and sex has always been for me how the satisfaction of gets feed can be compared at the orgasm and how obese persons relate with this intention.

Breakfast Frame 6

The editing is one of the most important and fun part of the entire production project in my opinion. Being able to work on editing and at the same time work on the music is for me very important and can help to reach results very interesting.

Breakfast Frame 3

I strongly believe that editing and sound design are two face of the same coin and have to be taken very seriously. In this project I worked following this philosophy to describe the concept at his best. The use of voice overs from totally different situation is another tool that create attention into the audience and let it follows the concept in a better way.

Breakfast Frame 2

Written, Directed and Produced by Peter Pahor. Starring Maxine Goynes and Dan Bauer. Make Up by Emily Shaw. Music and editing by Peter Pahor.

Breakfast Frame 4



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